Friday, October 10, 2008

Update on Reason #7: Measure R

Darrell's comment on Reason #7, is correct, the Purple Line is not funded, hence the application to the Federal government for funding under the "New Starts" program. Measure R will, if passed provide an additional source of funding for the Purple line, a much needed one, but it is not the only likely source. I strongly support Measure R, but win or lose, planning for the Purple Line will likely continue. The current planning is for the line to extend "to the sea," Its funding "to the sea," however will rely on "transit supportive policies," being in place. I believe that LUCE does just that (again, I'm not talking about Century City densities here, yee gads), but Prop T kills those policies.

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Anonymous said...

Neil, Congratulations on an excellent blog. I hope lots of people are reading it. It is rare that an architect has the courage to dissect ideas in public and shed the neutrality that professional discretion demands. Your commitment to citizenship as well as designship is admirable.


John Kaliski

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